Virtual Office Packages

Prices starting as low as $150.00 per month for our Start Up package.

Law Suite

Prices starting as low as $999.00 per month for our WorkStation package.


Marketing/Branding Services

We can literally do it all! I mean everything! Within 24 hours of signing up with us and scheduling a branding consultation we will have brochures, business cards, your website, billboard marketing options, TV marketing options, and grassroot marketing options all in place for you. We will help you create your marketing plan, and don't worry, we'll do the work for you at virtually no cost.

The Legal Link Think Tank

Access to talented lawyers in every practice area makes you a valuable resource to your clients.  Legal Link has an aggressive referral system in place and a per-diem appearance firm. With Legal Link's unique Referral System, income from referrals will cover your rent and operating overhead. Our shared culture creates many social and professional benefits, including a headache-free work zone.


Administrative Services

Let our highly trained staff of Legal Secretaries and Para Legals handle the messy details of keeping your law office space running. Have a live receptionist answer, screen and announce your phone calls. This translates to less wasted time, more hours billed, and more cases won!

Meeting Rooms

Conference rooms and meeting rooms that reassure you that you're at home. Legal Link was designed to make your clients think that the entire suite belongs to your firm. Whether you rent a partner- sized office or an inexpensive Virtual Office package, it’s our job to play along. Afterall; It's your office, not some stuffy hotel business center!